iTHEIA (AI Permanent Traffic Data System) Site Package with Cellular Modem

IRD’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Permanent Traffic Data System uses video and machine learning to collect data for vehicle traffic counting and classification.  The system relies entirely on AI to perform vehicle counting and classification without the need to upload video for third-party processing.

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The standard classification scheme is FHWA 13 classes (or Scheme F), however, alternate user classification schemes can be provided for an extra fee.  Data includes volume, classification, lane, and speed.

iTHEIA detects three (3) lanes in the same direction or four (4) lanes (with two (2) lanes each) in the opposing direction.  Four lane applications with a larger median will require two (2) AI Classifiers one on each side in order to accommodate FHWA Scheme F.

A side view camera and electronics are installed at the roadside.  It is often possible to use an existing roadside pole to mount the camera.  Access to the system can be via cellular modem and/or by laptop computer at roadside.  Data is delivered by reporting software, a real-time data stream or in standard spreadsheet formats, and is verifiable through video and image review.

The iTHEIA Permanent Site Package with Cellular Modem Includes:

  • IP Outdoor Camera and Illuminator with mounting kits
  • Backplane panel 21.5 in (54.6 cm) x 21.5 in (54.6 cm)
  • 300 ft. (91.4 m) of Cable 4PR24 CAT5e PE Gel Outdoor Shield with Connectors for Camera
  • SA Ethernet 10/100/1000 NEMA4 Cat 5/6 PoE
  • Cellular Modem (resident on backplane panel)
  • iTHEIA System Software License (Years 1-3 inclusive)
  • Server Core FTP for Microsoft Windows License


  • Cabinet is not included in base packages (100687-01 and 100687-02).  Cabinet is optional.
  • Physical installation and on-site electrical work are not included in the above prices.
  •  Load center and surge protection for main power feed are not included.
  • Electrical power cabling for main power feed and illuminator are not included.
  • Banding and banding tool for pole mounting is not included.
  • Laptop and/or desktop computer to be provided by client.
  • Cellular carrier service charges (if applicable) are the client’s responsibility.
  • A standard classification scheme is provided as default. Alternate classification schemes are an extra fee.  Please contact your IRD representative for pricing.
  • Four (4)  lane applications with a larger median will require two (2) AI Classifiers (one on each side) in order to accommodate FHWA Scheme F (13 classes).
  • A software license for Years 1-3 is provided.  Subsequent software license fees following year 3 are an extra fee. Budgetary pricing is $750 annually.