Traffic ACE+ Classifier (2 Tube)

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The Traffic A.C.E.+ (Automatic Counting Equipment +) has been designed to make traffic data collection easier than ever. The housing has been specially designed to allow for up to four inputs of a variety of sensors. The standard display is a sixteen-character LCD which allows the user to view all four channels of data without the use of an external display. When time is of concern, simply place a magnet near the front of the unit to view count data without opening the lid!

Traffic A.C.E.+ deck assemblies are available separately for upgrading older Traffic A.C.E. models with the new features offered by the redesigned Traffic A.C.E.+ electronics.


• 1 to 4 inputs
• Compatible with tube, loop, and contact sensors
• 16-Character LCD display
• Easy-to-use two-button programming
• Optional speed and FHWA classification

New Traffic A.C.E. + Features

• Real-time clock
• Stores over one year of data
• USB to PC output
• Flash drive for data extraction
• Upgradeable firmware
• PV time stamped data
• 5+ years battery life (road tube only)

Data Collection

After data is collected by the Traffic A.C.E.+, data can be retrieved using several methods. Totals can be viewed and hand copied from the display, or the data can be extracted using the USB port via a direct computer connection or by using a USB flash drive.

Data collected from the Traffic A.C.E.+ can be brought back to the office for extensive editing, reporting and storage using Road Reporter® II software. Road Reporter II is specifically designed to work with the Traffic A.C.E.+ and IRD’s TRS line of traffic classifiers.

IRD’s traffic counters are used by shopping centers, parking facilities, sporting complexes, state parks, and casinos. The Traffic ACE Classifier with two tube inputs  is primarily used for simple 2-lane traffic counts. Road tubes are a simple, easy-to-use choice for temporary traffic counts. The ACE Classifier collects vehicle counts, interval data, as well as vehicle speed and axle classifications, with computer output.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 7 in

Cast aluminum (optional powder coat paint); Stainless steel


9 1/8" x 7 1/2" x 6 3/8"


2 – Rubber Road Tube


16-character LCD


-40ºF to +160ºF (-40ºC to +65ºC)